Kate Horning, entrepreneur, healthy living chef and author of “Healthy Living Redefined: Live It. Share It.” is an emerging thought leader in health and nutrition. She is an ambassador on the leading edge of a new generation that challenges established ideas while looking for better ways to achieve a healthier, happier life.

A busy entrepreneur herself, Kate understands the challenges women face in trying to forge healthy habits. Between her business ventures, regular media appearances, running online nutrition programs and coaching clients, Kate is able to speak from experience as she guides busy, success-driven women on their quest to lay the foundation for a long-term, sustainable healthy lifestyle. After she herself has tried virtually every diet and lifestyle out there (from vegan to paleo), Kate has settled on her belief that health starts with eating real food cooked from scratch (with lots of seasonal veggies – of course)!

To expand on this vision for sustainable health, Kate has worked with leading brands such as Whole Foods Market and lululemon as well as leaders in the fitness and wellness community to develop A Healthy Passion, a meal planning program to inspire the development of healthy habits through innovative recipe options and meal plans highlighting local, sustainable and nutritious meals for individuals and families looking to develop a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

As a chef, Kate loves to entertain and her goal is to show that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just limited to the gym. As a wine lover herself, Kate partnered with a Clean-Crafted Wine company to share her belief that healthy living is achieved through sharing experiences with friends and family.

Kate devotes her time to educating the community on local farm-to-table efforts, supporting initiatives such as Kentucky Proud and Homegrown by Heroes. In her free time, you can find her exploring new foods and wine, checking out the races, hanging out with her three dogs, cat and 7 chickens, tending to her garden and making sourdough bread, kombucha and kimchi at home.

Kate studied dietetics at the University of Kentucky and is a certified holistic health coach and chef.

You can learn to cook with her over at ahealthypassion.com and come hang out in her free facebook community!